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Chiller Plant Management System

We provide a complete solution for the Chiller Plant Management System. Our Chiller Plant Manager efficiently controls the pumps to ensure that the required chilled water flow is maintained and also operate the chiller packages in a stagewise manner to meet the cooling requirements of the site. To cater to the fluctuating site demands, the Chiller Plant Manager continuously compares the temperature to be controlled to the target temperature setting and determines the step capacity needed. The Chiller Plant Manager can also review an input signal that limits its loading capacity. This is used for load limiting. Our system allows the chilled water system to work efficiently and also reduces Energy Consumption and Maintenance Costs.

Our Product Range

  • Liquid Flow Sensors & Switches
  • DDC Controllers
  • HMI Display
  • Valves & Actuators
  • Differential Pressure Sensors & Switches