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With over 4,000,000 cybersecurity positions open globally, the race is on to fill millions of critical positions to decrease the risk for your organization. Accurately assessing the skillset of incoming candidates, existing team members, and team readiness for multiple incident types is of paramount importance to the reduction of risk exposure for your organization. The more you know about a team member or candidate’s cyber skill set, the better prepared you will be to upskill existing team members or make informed decisions regarding qualified candidates.

Cyberbit Range is the world’s only “zero to hero” cyber skills development and assessment platform. By immersing candidates or trainees into hyper-realistic simulated cyber-attacks, Cyberbit Range can measure and assess specific skills and response timing based on the technical actions displayed throughout the simulation. Say goodbye to tabletops, skills in theory only, and quiz answers as your sole assessment metric. Using sensors built into corporate, military, financial, or custom networks on Cyberbit Range, you can assess whether your candidate or trainee possesses the technical skills to be successful in their role.

SOC Challenges

Certifications Test Theoretical Knowledge, Assessment Verifies Skills, Organizations Struggle to Recruit Qualified Candidates Cybersecurity Skills Gap Having a Major Impact, Cyber Skills Assessment Across the Employee Lifecycle


Assessing Cyber Skills to Improve SOC Team Performance

  • Automated cyberattack simulation accurately simulates attack exercises ranging from basic threats to complex multi-stage attacks
  • Comprehensive virtual networks – a selection of rich networks resembling a typical corporate network infrastructure
  • Real-world security tools including commercial SIEMs, firewalls and endpoint security tools
  • Individual and team training to work on both individual skills as well as teamwork and communication skills
  • Automated trainee assessment tracks and grades users automatically based on their performance
  • OT training options enabling critical infrastructure security and network staff to train in responding to IT/OT attacks