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Fire Detection & Alarm System

Falcon Technical Services are experienced in providing earliest and accurate fire detection solutions that will protect your investment. We can support with modular control platforms uniquely designed to meet the needs of applications ranging from standalone fire alarm systems to multi-panel networks with unified fire alarm, security, and mass notification functions. The operating features of the fire alarm system provided are software-controlled, giving great site flexibility and ensuring operational changes and upgrades which are possible years after the initial installation. This provides remarkable flexibility and scalability.

Along with fire alarm systems, we provide incident management command and control platform that comprises hardware, software, and networking components that together provide a powerful and cohesive mass notification and life safety solution.

Our Product Range

  • Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • Fire Alarm Repeater Panel
  • Voice Evacuation Panel
  • Smoke Detector
  • Gas Detector
  • Heat Detector
  • Duct Smoke Detector
  • Manual Call Points
  • Fire Telephone
  • Bell/Sounders
  • Strobe
  • Monitor & Control Modules
  • Emergency Lights