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Goanywhere MFT

  • With GoAnywhere MFT it’s never been easier to move data securely inside and outside your organization
  • We are committed to helping you comply with key regulations including HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and more.
  • Our enterprise secure file transfer software can translate and move X12, XML, and EDIFACT files quickly and securely between locations with GoAnywhere's centralized interface.
  • Replace your manual processes and legacy scripts with a better way to automate secure file transfers. Deploy workflows you design and schedule future transfers to get files where they need to go, fast.
  • Safeguard file transfers and meet all your IT security and compliance requirements using modern encryption technology and authentication methods.
  • GoAnywhere provides enterprise-level security features to protect your files from internal and external risks and helps organizations and professionals alike comply with regulations, standards, and technologies.
  • Easily connect to the external cloud and web applications you use every day. Use GoAnywhere’s out-of-the-box Cloud Connectors or create your own.
  • Easily share files with colleagues, trading partners, and third-party vendors via GoAnywhere's secure collaboration features. Users can access authorized files and folders through a web browser, send ad-hoc emails, gather information with custom forms, and more.