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DLP Solution
  • Safetica DLP prevents data breaches, makes data protection regulations easy to comply with and protects your business from human error.
  • Safetica is an easy-to-use data loss prevention (DLP) solution affordable also for companies of all sizes.
  • Safetica protects your company data against leaks no matter where it is stored or who uses it.
  • Safetica helps comply with legal regulation and data protection standards
  • Safetica is designed to be fast and easy to deploy, with no extra dedicated staff or hardware needed.
  • Safetica Protection creates a secure environment throughout your company,educates your employees, identifies risks and protects your data.
  • Restrict the use of portable devices or prohibit unauthorized media connections. Control corporate mobile devices and keep track of the data that leaves the Office 365 cloud
  • All-in-one security solution combining data analytics,data classification and data loss prevention (DLP).