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Video Surveillance System

We, Falcon Technical Services provide surveillance systems for all kind of applications, from the retail stores to office buildings and from the public parks to office rooms and it goes on. It is now imperative for the business to implement the right surveillance system if they wish to maintain a strong security plan.

We also install and maintain a wide range of specialized and certified ex-proof products that provide the highest degree of protection and the immediate situational awareness in areas with risk of explosion. The operator can monitor critical areas and constantly receive detailed information, quickly detect abnormal and dangerous situations and take immediate decisions, reducing the chance of accidents.

Our Product Range

  • Network Video Recorders
  • Digital Video Recorders
  • NAS Storage
  • Analog/IP Cameras
  • Dome Cameras
  • Bullet/Box Cameras
  • PTZ Cameras
  • Panoramic View/Fish Eye Cameras
  • Explosion Proof Cameras